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  • Why visit Fremantle prison?
    9 January
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    Why visit Fremantle prison?


    Fremantle Prison is considered to be one of the most fascinating heritage sites located in Western Australia. In addition to its heritage, it has become a major tourist attraction as well.


    According to the records, Fremantle prison is built back in the 1850s. That was in the early days when Europeans started to settle in the Western Australian region. In fact, Fremantle prison can also be considered to be a haunted destination as well. Fremantle prison is the home for various unfortunate incidents related to plenty of convicts, war prisoners, colonial prisoners etc.


    Many hangings have taken place at this unfortunate venue. According to history, it was also home for incidents such as floggings, dramatic escapes, and prisoner riots as well. Fremantle kept open until 1991 (for 136 years since it was built). Then, one year later, the prison was opened back to the public in the form of a tourist attraction. Well, as of today, Fremantle prison can be considered as one of the most powerful physical evidence of the harshness of history. If you visit Australia, Fremantle is a must-see place because it offers you an insight into the reality of those days. In addition to that, the architecture of this prison is unique and offers something for any visitor.


    What is there to see?

    Fremantle prison has an overall area of 14 acres and the entire area is enclosed with a wall made out of thick limestones. It is always recommended to get the assistance of a tourist guide if you want to listen to those interesting and fascinating stories about this place. The tiny cells in the prison say how hard life was for prisoners. Basically, Fremantle prison is a place where life was very hard for every prisoner and it offered only the most basic living conditions.


    As of today, Fremantle prison is categorized as a heritage by the Australian Heritage Commission’s Register of the National Estate. You can visit it any day from 10.00 to 17.00 hours (they are closed only for the Good Friday and Christmas Day).


    It comprises of a café, a prisoner art gallery, and a gift shop as well. In addition to that, it has a free interactive visitor center as well. They also have some tours (which are not for free).


    How to get there?

    If you take the train from Perth Central Station, you can get to Fremantle prison within 30 minutes. However, if you take the bus, it will take about 45 minutes or less to reach there. There is a ferry as well which leaves from Barrack Street Jetty (located in Perth). Regardless of the method you choose, you have a walking distance from the stop to prison.


    Although there is a Fremantle CAT bus, the best approach is to walk so you can see plenty of things.


    Thanks to a large number of tourists, the area has become home for various businesses ranging from shops to being a Fremantle window cleaner, such as myself, to restaurants. In addition to that, Fremantle prison is famous as a place for exhibitions, cocktail parties etc, so, is it time to go to prison? Absolutely!

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