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  • Unknown Facts About Highrise Window Cleaning And Abseiling Painting You Didn’t Know
    15 November
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    Unknown Facts About Highrise Window Cleaning And Abseiling Painting You Didn’t Know

    The origin of abseiling comes from a word called as abseilen that has the meaning of roping down. It specifically is a unique method to reach heights literally on any building out there. It has been successfully used for various purposes, including snowboarding, climbing mountains, and other adventurous activities. Many of us even believe in living a thrilling life through the method of abseiling.

    However, there is also a professional use to it: to use high rise window cleaning method on commercial building. Many firms use it to repair a specific aspect of a high building in Australia. This article sufficiently explains why the process of abseiling is unique, primarily if it is used for painting.

    Defining abseiling process

    In simple language, the activity of abseiling can be described as an act of sliding down the rope that is securely attached to above the plane. Indeed, as the name suggests, the activity itself is dangerous, which makes it limited to experienced individuals who know what they are doing.

    Also, there are many types of abseiling as an activity that the experts use to climb at different places. Other than the painters and repairers, only adventurers and alpinists are most likely to be attracted to this particular activity.

    Origin of abseiling

    This technique was designed by Jean Esteril Charlet back in 1876 when he managed to fail to climb a mountain. He just created the method to climb down easily. He was able to climb the hill in 1879 finally, and he also perfected the abseiling technique that we all know today.

    Important equipment

    One of the essential materials used for an experienced adventurer trying out abseiling is the helmet. It is especially useful for a repairer and painter since they wouldn’t want anything to fall on their heads from above. Gloves are specifically created to help the climber from damaging the hands while they paint the building or climb down a mountain.

    Even the rope the experts use is uniquely protected so that it can handle the weight of the individuals with ease without being harsh against human contact. The unique boots make sure to keep up the balance of the individuals climbing on the building. They wouldn’t want to be unbalanced and possibly fall just because of keeping the legs on a window instead of a plain wall.

    A prohibited adventure

    Abseiling, if not used for painting, can be a risky business that isn’t allowed openly to anyone out there. Most of us find climbing easier in front of abseiling. Most adventurers are scared to try it out. Therefore, the climbers using this particular technique for painting the commercial buildings are not novices that had joined in the fun. They are trained climbers who know the art of painting quite effectively. This is why, abseiling has been a prohibited activity at the public places, and only a professional with permission can perform it.

    Reasons for using abseiling other than painting

    Climbers usually use it for adventure out in the open to climb down the mountain under the eyes of an expert. These rock climbers use this technique to go back to the place they came from. However, the commercial workers use this technique not for fun, but as a job description. They climb high to either repair something or wash the windows in significant buildings.


    Most of us must understand more about the process of abseiling before hiring a painter. The rope access window company in Sydney experts who don’t just have experience in painting, but they have to be an avid climber too. We can hire them to paint the commercial building without any doubt.

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