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Window Cleaning Maylands

Window cleaning Maylands knows that sometimes being near the Swan River can mean that salt water can make your windows dirty, and your frames and sills corrode. Our Maylands window cleaners know your area, and we’re here to help

Maylands Window Cleaners

It is a little known fact outside of Perth, but Maylands is a beautiful area to live. Within cooee of the city, and, with the river nearby, this truly is a settled, beautiful area to live

Salt spray coming off the river can mean that local residents need to spend inordinate amounts of time to keep their properties in tip top shape. Unfortunately when it comes to salt laden winds, the windows bear the brunt of any mess and corrosion.. When this is combined with hot, dusty easterly winds, traffic fumes from local and through traffic, and, heavy winter rains, it is clear that the upkeep of windows is an ongoing and challenging task. The answer may appear to be to clean the windows yourself, nowever, several challenges prevent this from being a realistic solution. Firstly, equipment is required that is expensive to purchase, and, difficult to master. In addition, to clean a whole home’s windows, especially for someone who is not experienced, can mean the spending of many hours and sometimes days to complete the task. Let me ask you, how much is your time worth?. Well, window cleaning Maylands has the answer, we suggest that you use our local Maylands window cleaners. It will save your valuable time, valuable money, and, the pride that comes from your beautifully appointed property!


Residential Window Cleaning

Primarily known for it’s residential properties, Maylands features a mix of apartments, well established houses, and, duplexes. Our Maylands window cleaners know how to master window cleaning on each type of residential property in the area.

Our service cleans the whole window. Sometimes someone will offer a cheaper price only for you to discover that this does not include the tracks, screens, and frames. Window Cleaning Maylands prides itself on offering the best value. Our service will just be a flat fee, that includes frames, fly screens and tracks. Contact us to see how much you can save! We can be reached by calling 0490808372, or emailing [email protected]


One way that we offer the best value is by offering discounts for a regular, scheduled service. To qualify for this discount on repeat cleans(excluding the initial clean), simply schedule a repeat and ongoing clean when you book your service.

So, how much can you save? Book a fortnightly, quick outside clean, and save 50% off the total cost of your window cleaning prices. Book a monthly clean, and save 40% off the initial clean price. Book every two months and save 35% off the price. If you book a service every 3 months, you will save a handsome 30% off the total price of your window cleaning service. Book every 6 months, and save 10% off the total initial price of your window cleaning Maylands service.(Bookings must be made at time of initial clean)

How do you know that you can trust us in your home? Consider the following reasons:

  • Experience – we have been going for 20 years, and have thousands of happy customers
  • Skill – With so many years of experience, we still keep up to date with the latest techniques.
  • Certification – we have police clearance, and, working with children passes, so that you know your home and those who live in it are safe with us.
  • Equipment – One of our favourite tools is the water fed pole, this enables us to reach hard to access windows, whilst avoiding climbing on tiles and unsafe use of ladders. In addition, the water fed pole system does not use harmful chemicals, thus ensuring a better and safer clean of your glass.
  • Flexibility – We know that you work long, hard hours. We strive to be as flexible in our scheduling as possible to fit in with your obligations.

Call us, your local Maylands window cleaners for a better residential glass maintenance service! We can be reached by calling 0490808372, so call us now!


Commercial Window Cleaning

Whether you own a shop, office, showroom, or even, a soccer club, make Window Cleaning Maylands your first choice for commercial glass maintenance. Twenty years of cleaning retirement homes, shops, offices and coffee rooms has given us the experience to ensure that your business is presented in the best and most appealing way for your customers.

But why should you choose us? We know that businesses work long hours, and, can’t have cleaners interfering with customers. Therefore, we work in with you. we can schedule your cleaning twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We truly are your flexible Maylands window cleaners.

In addition, businesses can’t have mess after the window cleaner has been. Therefore, we aim to reduce, or completely remove the mess associated with your window cleaning service. Yes, you won’t need a cleaner to clean after your window cleaner!

When you consider these reasons, we are sure that you will find us to be a superior glass maintenance service, so call us now, we are waiting for your call!

Contact Window Cleaning Maylands

  • Simply call 0490808372 to reach us quickly and book your service
  • Email us at: [email protected] to receive a prompt reply.
  • Or, use our chat box on the home page in order to chat live with us and obtain a free estimate.

For the best window cleaning Maylands prices and service, contact us today and join our thousands of happy customers!

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